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CoreComm offers RapidSSL certificates with online email validation to expedite the certificate issuance process. We are authorized to renew RapidSSL certificates, even if you have previously purchased directly from RapidSSL or another reseller. We offer up to 90 days of additional validity on advanced renewal to offer uninterrupted security for your online customers.

RapidSSL is the fastest SSL certificate authority across the Internet and was acquired by GeoTrust — the largest SSL Certificate Authority. RapidSSL is focused on providing the lowest cost Internet security certificates in a short period of time. RapidSSL certificates offer strong 128 / 256 bit encryption and adhere to strict Internet security industry standards.

RapidSSL certificates are specially developed for small and medium volume e-commerce websites. RapidSSL certificates offer 99% desktop and server browser compatibility while providing 128 / 256 bit SSL encryption and 2048 bit CSR encryption. RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates are used to secure unlimited sub domains with single SSL certificate.